Health & Behaviour


  • Do i need to be fit ?

    A moderate level of fitness is required for our family tours. Your children should be active and sporty types.

  • Do you need to be fit for canyoning?

    Canyoning is a combination of many different activities. It is often seen as one of the most exciting but also most challenging activity. This activity includes walking, hiking, swimming, jumping and swimming in the rapids. Canyoning tours will change the way you look at nature forever. Durations range from 3 – 5 hours, so good levels of fitness are a must. If you never walk the dog, go running or go-to the gym – you will struggle. Fitness required!

Food, diets & allergies


  • Can you tell me the ages of other kids ?

    Yes. Please ask your sales manager.

  • Do parents have to do the activity ?

    Children and teenagers can only do an activity if mum or dad is present. If they are 18 years or older, they can go without parents.

  • Do I need insurance for my trip ?

    Yes. Having the right travel & activity insurance is extremely important, especially when enjoying adventure sports and any of our tours. We do not recommend a particular company.

  • Are you’re your family active holidays sustainable?

    Our family activity holidays are designed to be as much sustainable as possible. We hand pick small family owned accommodations, source only local guides and only offer activities that have no impact to environment.

  • Is Slovenia trying its best to support Responsible Travel polices?

    Slovenia is trying its best to support Responsible Travel. All our guests joining us for an adventure holiday are always encouraged to do the same. Our environmental responsibility is best reflected in organizing our annual cleaning actions before the season start. Our economical responsibility towards the local communities is seen in employing local staff in areas that are less on ‘tourist’s radar’ in Slovenia. Our social responsibility is reflected in helping local charities and organising quiz and games nights where we invite our guests and money that is collected goes toward these charities.

  • Is Eco tourism a part of your family adventures in Slovenia?

    Our company focus has always been on Eco tourism. We are working hard with local communities to develop family adventure programs that will have low or no impact to the environment. We enjoy nature and outdoor sports but at the same time we do our best to protect it. This is be done by encouraging our guests to use as little plastic as possible during their stay and also by doing amazing activities in the nature without leaving any footprints at all! We believe that only if we Respect the nature, we can enjoy it and protect it for the new generations to come.

  • Is this suitable for teenagers ?

    Our trips are very suitable for families with teenagers. Moody teenage children will become normal human beings!


  • Is white water rafting safe for families?

    White water rafting in Slovenia is one of the safest places to do white water rafting in Europe. Level of rapids that we do white water rafting on is medium, never too extreme as we want teenagers to be able to enjoy it too. All the way down the rapids you will be in the safe hands (and rafts!) of our professional local instructors who have spent most of their lives paddling on these rivers. If you follow the instructions that are given to you at the start, we guarantee an amazing and fun white-water rafting experience for the whole family.  


  • Who flies to Ljubljana ?

    At the bottom of our homepage – you can find the page ‘Find a flight’. Or look at the Resources section in the footer of this website. This find a flight tool, helps provide links to air carriers to Slovenia. cheap direct flight flights to Ljubljana are mainly served by EasyJEt and Wizz Air.

  • Are flights included in your packages ?

    No. Flights are not included.